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Ecopia RTP System

Ecopia Rapid Thermal Processing System

Ecopia Rapid Thermal Processing System

The RTP-1200 model is a relatively low cost, easy-to-use, yet powerful rapid thermal processing system which can quickly increase materials to a very high temperature using four tungsten-halogen lamps. Researchers in industry, national laboratories, and university settings can obtain accurate test data quickly while enjoying simple installation and operation. The RTP-1200 provides convenience and power at a very reasonable price.

Features and Benefits

  • Heat treatment in high vacuum
  • Heat treatment in ambient atmosphere
  • High accuracy temperature control
  • Additional cooling system not required
  • Compact desktop design
  • Very competitive price
Unit Specification Remark
Max sample size mm 12 x 12mm, 15 x 15mm Option
Maximum rising speed °c/sec 100
Maximum Cooling speed sec 50 1000 °c ->
400 °c
Max temp °c 1200
Temp accuracy °c +/-0.3 @1000 °
Lamp power W 600
Size Cm 40 x 30 x 45
Weight Kg 30
Voltage rate V 220V, single phase


  1. Thin film deposition
  2. Oxidize thin film on the sample
  3. Construction analysis of thin film at high temperature
  4. Paste material analysis
  5. Ohmic contact formation by .i.e Ag.Au electrical conductivity material
  6. Heat treatment after ion implantation and activating ion implantation
  7. Melting point analysis of alloys


  1. Easy to use thermal treatment in vacuum status, purge gas flow, and at ambient atmosphere
  2. No need for additional cooling system
  3. Minimized radiant heat through use of IR reflective panel
  4. Easy load and unload of sample
  5. Compact desktop design, easy to install and move
  6. Accurate temperature control by temperature sensor located in sample loading stage
  7. Possible to use for furnace applications requiring +/- 3°c accuracy.