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Ecopia Hall Effect Measurement System

Van der Pauw HMS-5000 Variable Temperature Hall Effect Measurement System

  • Very Competitive Price
  • Compact Desktop Design
  • Easy-To-Use

The HMS-5000 Hall Effect Measurement System has automated magnet movement, variable temperature capability, and powerful analysis software. The system is automated so that without user intervention, it will ramp to each user defined temperature, stabilize, make the measurement (including moving the magnet automatically), and then plot a variety of temperature dependent material properties.

The system plots concentration versus temperature, mobility versus temperature, resistivity versus temperature, conductivity versus temperature, and Hall coefficient versus temperature. The systems provides the test results as tabular data as well as in graph form. The user defines the desired temperature steps within the range of 80K to 350K, fills the two LN2 reservoirs, and then the system automatically applies and switches the input current, measures the voltages, changes temperature, and moves the magnets all without user intervention. Once the test is finished, all of the temperature dependent graphs and tabular data are ready for viewing.

The systems can be used to characterize various materials including all semiconductors including Si, SiGe, SiC, GaAs, InGaAs, InP, GaN (N Type & P Type can be measured), metal layers, oxides, etc. Sample testing can be performed to demonstrate the system's capability.

  • Test with variable temperature from 80K up to 350K
  • Motor controlled magnet moves automatically
  • Testing of Temperature vs carrier density, mobility,resistivity, hall coefficient, conductivity, etc.
  • Easy to use with powerful results capability
  • Very competitive price